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Send Parcels to Sri Lanka

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cheap shipping to sri lanka  7-10 Working Days Delivery

send parcels to sri lanka  Air Freight Economy

Leading air frieght solutions provider to
Sri Lanka, India, Dubai, Australia, Pakistan & South East Asia.

About Us

We're leading Air Freight
provider to
Sri Lanka & India

Finding the right courier service can be a confusing time, especially if your parcel contains a unique or delicate item.

Since our launch in 2010, to deliver high value package.

You can trust that your parcel is in good hands

Will ensure your parcel gets to its destination safely,securely

Since we established in 2010 experience & still a growing protfolio day by day!
send parcel to sri lanka from UK, England
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Secured, Affordable & Reliable
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Air Freight

Send parcel delivery to Sri Lanka, India or other countries from 5-10 working days at a low cost

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Parcel Forwarding

Have your order sent to us in the UK and we will forward it to you

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